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Welcome to Niky's!




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About Niky's

Niky's is the ultimate dessert shop EXPERIENCE, where you watch your mini donuts being decorated, ice cream being scooped, candy ready to be eaten, and delicious coffee being brewed. 

Niky's is proud to offer a completely nut-free facility*.

We are truly a family destination for everyone to enjoy!

*third-party products may have cross-contamination in the facilities where they are made.

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Mini Donuts

Niky's mini donuts are cooked fresh throughout the day and decorated after you order them. We have a huge selection of donuts to choose from!

Ice Cream

Niky's ice cream is so creamy and tasty with a great variety of flavors and toppings to choose from. Homemade waffle cones are made daily!

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Niky's has some of the most wonderful candy available. Some candy you may not have seen since you were a kid, some new and interesting candy and some all-time favorites.


Niky's signature blend coffee is simply amazing and pair great with any of our tasty treats. We offer a variety of hot and iced coffee drinks like cappuccinos, cafe latte, and more.

What's better than coffee? How about an affogato?! Take a scoop of our delicious ice cream and pour espresso right over it. Simply amazing!

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